Spring Garage Sales return May 11-13

The Grainger O’Shea Homeowners Association Spring Garage Sales will return this year from Thursday through Saturday, May 11-13, 2023.

Dozens of families will be hosting garage sales at their homes, so tell all of your friends and pass the word around on social media to visit the neighborhood this week.

Check for our ad in the Lincoln Journal-Star, on Craigslist and in the Nextdoor app, or visit http://graingeroshea.com. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are planning to participate in this year's garage sales, let us know by Thursday, May 4, to be included in advertising and promotional creatives. Email us at graingeroshea@gmail.com with your (1) street address, (2) days and hours of your sale, and (3) categories and items you will be selling.

We are seeking volunteer(s) to coordinate Garage Sales (place signs, etc.) and other neighborhood activities at the expense of the association. Email us or contact on Facebook if you want to know more.

Happy selling!